Quiz time: Are you phytogenius?

Did you know that the oldest living tree is located in the US and more than 5000 years old? If yes, you might be phytogenius. What? Phyto-genius? Yes - someone with an in-depth knowledge of phytogenic (plant-based) feed additives, short phytogenics.

But for being 100 percent sure, you need to play the game. The questions are as diverse as nature is – from fun easy-going ones to tricky technical ones.

Have fun playing!

And: If you have any interesting questions in mind that should definitively be a part of the phytogenius quiz, please let us know. 

What characterizes true phytogenic feed additives?

Who coined the term ‚phytogenics‘ some decades ago?

How is it possible, that volatile phytogenic substances like e.g. some essential oils show their effects especially in the animal's gut?

What is microencapsulation of essential oils needed for?

What kind of phytogenic active substance is mainly derived from Quillaja bark?

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