7 things you need to know about our blog Phytogenius

Time flies. It is almost one month ago since Phytogenius has been introduced to a broad audience for the first time. Did you already have the chance to take a visit or even read one or the other article? Regardless of the answer – the nature offers a lot to discover and so does Phytogenius. Get to know 7 helpful facts about your number 1 information source about phytogenic feed additives!


1. The main purpose of Phytogenius

The phytogenic universe is vast and has a lot of exciting paths to explore. The same can be said of our blog Phytogenius. As the name promises, the focus lies on phytogenic feed additives and their contribution to feeding the world sustainably along the entire feed-to-food chain. Providing you a holistic overview as possible, we also share high-quality content of others in the blog series – articles worth reading.

Why is Delacon also a visible part of the blog? Following the concept of transparency, it is crucial for us to show you details about the article authors. In this regard, our core team will get support from internal experts (R & D team members, Regional Technical Managers and Species leaders) as well as external guest authors. We think information reagarding article authors is essential to evaluate the seriosity and quality of the published content. Moreover, we will give exclusive insights about Delacon that you can get a better understanding of how we work, what is important to us and our culture.

2. 6 main content categories for better orientation:

Phytogenics section






3. Helpful features: Does this article fit my needs?

“Content is king” is THE number 1 rule online. But how do I know, if I am the right target person for the article and it contains the information I need? We have implemented several features helping you to get an answer within seconds:

  • Hint #1: Check the category symbol and the headline.
  • Hint #2: Degree of technical knowledge (from 1 to 5): If nothing is specified then the article does not contain technical content.
  • Hint #3Reading time: Do you have enough time to get all the important information you need?

4. Your opinion matters: Let us know what you want to see

We write the content only for one reason: Providing valuable information to YOU. Therefore, we need your opinion and feedback about:

  1. Was the content interesting and helpful?
  2. What other topics do you want to read about?

Please or use the comment function below every article or get in touch with us via e-mail.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange with you!

5. Be a voice and not an echo: Read it – Like it – Share it

Of course, exchanging thoughts and ideas about our content is also possible in social media. In this regard, we have integrated a toolbar that moves along while scrolling, thus makes sharing easier. It contains the most important social platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Whats’app and We Chat for our Asian readers. Or do you want to send the article via e-mail? No problem at all, we also have an e-mail and printoption.

6. Phytogenic Newsfeed: Always be up-to-date

Do you want to receive the latest phytogenic news comfortably in your inbox?

Then our Phytogenic Newsfeed is the right medium for you. It will be sent out quarterly and even contains Newsfeed exclusive material.

Marlene Forrai

Marlene Forrai

Storyteller, foodie, life-long learner – may be the three words that describe me best. Unfortunately, you cannot make a living by only eating food, even though it’s healthy. Therefore, I have developed my skills in Marketing, Online Communications and Content Management to enlighten people around the globe about the power of nature and its contribution to animal as well as human health. Since February 2022, Marlene started a new career path outside of Delacon.

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