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< 1 minute | 22. July 2020
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Delacon’s Fitotek brings food to the community

Food safety in Chile is a big issue in times of Covid-19. As the situation persists, unemployment rates are still high. Fitotek, our partner, and Quillaja producer, reacts and brings food to the community.


Food sharing in Putaendo

In Chile, the Covid-19 situation lasts a long time. Santiago had a lockdown for around 18 weeks. Still under lockdown is San Felipe for a month. In Putaendo, for example, schools are not working.

“We are lucky to have stability in our jobs at Fitotek,” says Paulo Tamargo, CEO Fitotek. However, Putaendo is a rural community. Besides the Covid-19 situation, it has a hard time during winter when agriculture activity is at the lowest.


The team raises efforts for more food safety in Chile:
For more food safety in Chile: Sebastian Llano (HHRR), Ramon Lazcano (Premilling) and Daniel Mendez (maintenance) bring food to "La Nogalada." © Fitotek
Ready to distribute the food boxes in Nueva Esperanza. Fitotek team members Sebastian Llano (HHRR), Miguel Gonzalez (Packing), Victor Hernandez (Packing) © Fitotek

Fitotek has regular meetings about social responsibility topics. For 2020, the team decided to develop food boxes. Team member Sebastian Llano was in charge of identifying the needs. Putaendo’s municipality and neighbor councils all agreed: It was basic foodstuffs. Currently, many Chileans whether have jobs, nor access to basic supplies.

Food boxes include sugar, salt, oil, rice, meal, lentils, pasta, tomatoes, soap, toilet paper.
80 food boxes have been prepared and shared. 20 of them are for people in Nueva Esperanza.

Quillaja production plant in Chile

Fitotek is Delacon’s source for Quillaja saponins. We use this ingredient in some of our phytogenic solutions. Collaborations like this give an added value to customers. Because we are contributing to their sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Did you know? Nueva Esperanza prepares compost with the Quillaja’s wood byproducts. Thus, we can ensure cero residues.

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