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3 minutes | 17. February 2020
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IPPE through phytogenius eyes

January 28 – 30, Atlanta/USA was again the meeting point of the global feed and food industry. The annual international trade fair IPPE took place and Delacon’s US team was on-site. Why? Meeting some of you in person and identifying trends & key topics for our Phytogenius blog readers. 

Trend barometer: The 3 hot topics

  • The rising power of the consumer and the emergence of the prosumer leads to increasing pressure on global retailers & farmers for healthy feed & food products
  • Climate change effects: Impact of global warming & sustainability initiatives
  • Global diseases & viral epidemics in humans and animals (e.g. coronavirus, coccidiosis & bacterial enteritis, etc.)
You are located in the US and want to learn more about phytogenics? - Contact Delacon's US team with Sales Group Leader Kevin Adams © Delacon
Sometimes you need to look under the tip of the iceberg. © gettyimages

Icebreaking science is needed

The world is facing challenges (like the ones mentioned above) on an ever-increasing scale. Even local challenges can lead to global ones rapidly, affecting stakeholders along the entire feed-to-food-chain – from people to animals to the environment. Everything is connected and influences each other.

Our credo: Complex challenges need multi-layered solutions and therefore a look under the tip of the iceberg. Phytogenics are seen as a key solution, providing answers to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. How? Today, we will provide valuable insights into poultry production. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.


In the upcoming weeks, we will dive deeper under the surface. What can you expect?

  • Millennial foodie insights, including results of a recent survey conducted in Brazil about food beliefs and practices
  • Unfolding more trends & challenges and discussing their effects on our industry
  • Global diseases and viral epidemics: African swine fever and coronavirus 

Phytogenius minds in action


Manu De Laet, Customer Technical Service Manager at Delacon explains how phytogenics alleviate heat stress © Delacon

Manu de Laet talked about “Alleviation of heat stress using a phytogenic feed additive” at the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF):

He summarized the impact upon welfare and performance of birds that heat stress can have on them, and in return on the poultry industry.

Customer Technical Service Manager, Francisco Dias, spoke about the efficacy of phytogenics in combination with a vaccine © Delacon

Francisco Dias also spoke at the International Poultry Scientific Forum (IPSF):

Francisco presented a pen trial study about the efficacy of phytogenics, consisting of essential oils and saponins, when combined with an attentuated coccidiosis vaccine.

David Harrington, Species Leader Poultry at Delacon shows how to lessen heat stress impact in poultry © Delacon

David Harrington (Species Leader Poultry) attended the Latin American Poultry Summit with his presentation about “Reducing Heat Stress using Phytogenics.

Following a brief review of the mechanisms by which birds regulate their body’s temperature and the adverse effect that heat stress can have on performance. In this regard, David showed research demonstrating the positive effects of plant extracts in birds suffering from this metabolic condition.

Looking to the south

Although Latin America is geographically located mainly in the tropical zone (predominantly hot and humid climate, most of the year), this region is considered to be one major player in the global poultry production. Brazil, for instance, is the largest poultry meat exporter with 4.1 million tonnes shipped abroad in 2018.

“No doubt, heat stress is one of the main challenges in poultry production. Birds suffering from it tend to have limited consumption with adverse effects on their overall performance. Therefore, IPPE was an excellent opportunity to show our customers an innovative technology to tackle this issue. We are also currently focused on maintaining welfare and gut health, which are ‘naturally’ pursued by the local Delacon team,” says Roberto Neto, Delacon’s Regional Technical Manager in Brazil.

Roberto Montanhini Neto © Delacon

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