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Katharina Mayrhuber

2 minutes | 1. October 2018
Degree of technical knowledge

It takes two phytogenic experts for Latin America

It’s always a pleasure to welcome Arturo in our headquarters. He is our Area Sales Manager in Latin America. Recently, he set off again to visit us and to introduce Roberto.

We had a very warm get-together. I was quite interested about Roberto’s work experience, passion towards phytogenics, and asked our experts how the Latin American market perceives phytogenics. I was eagerly writing down some notes, and here’s the story I’d like to share with you:


Welcome, Roberto!

“Let’s bring Roberto on board as Regional Technical Manager for Latin America – he’s an expert,” says Arturo after getting to know him and his passion towards phytogenics.

Together, they guide integrators or feed mills through the phase-out of antibiotic-growth promoters. As Latin America is one of the areas which is going to feed the world, legislations come along with growing meat exports to Europe or Japan. “The aim is to produce profitable, while at the same time rising animals environmentally friendly and meeting global food standards,” says Roberto.

Roberto sees the primary purpose in increasing the animal’s nutrient uptake. “Nutrient-uptake has an impact on profitability and sustainability,” he says. An aspect that is usually provided in the plan universe. With phytogenic feed additives, we can provide animals those botanical actives in a concentrated and standardized form. “To better use nutrients in feeds, to improve digestibility of protein with benefits for the animal, the producer, the consumer and the environment,” explains Roberto.

Experiences with phytogenic feed additives

Four years ago, some aspects prevented livestock producers to use phytogenic feed additives. Missing knowledge about phytogenics, their modes of action, the belief that phytogenics are only essential oils. Arturo explains, why phytogenics have become a common conversation topic:

“Today, producers have already made their own experiences. They are seeing phytogenics to support the animals’ gut health, learned that phytogenics are more than essential oils and that’s why they have changed their minds.”

Roberto Montanhini NetoRoberto Montanhini Neto © Delacon

Roberto Montanhini Neto,
Regional Technical Manager for Latin America

“I am a veterinarian, having 16 years of experiences in poultry and swine nutrition. I have always been working with feed additives, for big integrators, or manufacturers of premixtures. In my role, I will advise on how to add phytogenics to current feeding strategies and conditions. When heading to better nutrition, it is important to take individual conditions into account.”


Arturo Fernandez© Delacon

Arturo Fernandez,
Area Sales Manager Latin America

Four years ago, we could convince him to join our Delacon team. With the powerful story of phytogenics. Altough 11.682 kilometers separate us between Costa Rica and Austria, between Arturo Fernandez and our home base in Austria. As Area Sales Manager, Arturo manages the entire Latin America sales area for Delacon.