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Marlene Forrai

2 minutes | 21. March 2019
Degree of technical knowledge

Phytogenic success stories in the US: All good things come in t(h)rees

While most representatives of the feed and food industry had kept their eyes at the VIV in Asia last week, the power of phytogenics also caught people’s attention about 7,252 miles away: in the US. Worldwide-known as the country where everything is possible, our US team members participated at three events at the same time. Amazing what phytogenics are capable of, isn’t it?

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One recap – three events: Find the most important facts about the following three events at one glance:

  • American Society of Animal Science Midwest Meeting 2019
  • Midwest Poultry Federation Convention
  • Animal Microbiome Congress USA
We can’t perform miracles but sometimes we manage to achieve the impossible © Delacon
© Delacon

American Society of Animal Science Midwest Meeting 2019

Aim of the event: Sharing and application of scientific knowledge about the responsible use of animals to enhance human health and well-being
Date & Place: March 11-13, Omaha, NE
Delacon team members on-site: Kevin Adams, James Caldwell, Kory Moran
Target group: Swine & Ruminant scientific community focus in nutrition, physiology, reproduction and production
Presentation of three posters:

  • Evaluation of essential oils and short-medium chain fatty acids in-vitro and in-vivo on performance of nursery pigs
  • Performance, carcass characteristics, and biological parameters by sheep offered diets with and without Actifor® Power
  • Performance and carcass characteristics of finishing beef heifers managed in a bedded hoop barn versus an open feedlot in Central Missouri

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Midwest Poultry Federation Convention

Aim of the event: Offering latest information about on-farm poultry production through exhibits and educational workshops
Date & Place: March 12-14, Minneapolis, MN
Delacon team members on-site: Megan Koppen
Target group: Poultry producers
Delacon participation:
Networking and lively discussions with our distributor, customers and industry experts about the use of phytogenics in poultry production
More information about the event

© Delacon
© Delacon

2nd Annual Animal Microbiome Congress USA

Aim of the event: Educating people about the beneficial effects of microbiome manipulation through sustainable solutions to promote health and improve feed efficiency of livestock animals
Date & Place: March 13-14, KANSAS CITY, MO
Delacon team members on-site: Stacie Appleton and Kory Moran
Target group: Scientific & technical livestock community
Delacon participation:

  • Moderating of technical sessions and having lively discussions with industry experts and research partners
  • Positioning phytogenics as key solution in a post-antibiotic world and explaining how to cope with coccidiosis and post-diarrhea

More information about the event

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