PSA Annual Meeting 2019, Montréal

Sanja Erkic

2 minutes | 13. August 2019
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PSA Annual Meeting 2019: Raise the curtain for phytogenics

Delacon’s North America team and Director of Product Development & Innovation were at the PSA Annual Meeting 2019 to present six abstracts. At the event, representatives of the poultry industry and academics gathered to exchange on the latest trends of the poultry sector. 

How different formulas of phytogenic substances create a large range of synergistic effects

The Delacon abstracts covered a large range of phytogenic research topics. The value of phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) in egg production was discussed in two abstracts, one focusing on nutrient digestibility from the onset of lay through peak production, the other on benefits of stress tolerance in improved production performance of post-peak laying hens.

Other benefits from a synergistic formulation of phytogenics in male fertility were explained for turkey and broiler breeders in separate abstracts. Additionally, the Delacon presentations centered on the effects of phytogenic formulations to boost poultry performance in challenge situations via reduction of inflammation and quorum sensing inhibition and the advantages of PFA for organic poultry production.

Megan Koppen (RTM Poultry)
Jan Dirk van der Klis (Director of Product Development and Innovation)

Phytogenics Know-how

In addition to the specific topics of the presentations, each presenter highlighted additional information related to phytogenics such as:

  • What phytogenics are and the basic functions and benefits of their ingredients;
  • The difference between phytogenics and nature identicals;
  • The fact that phytogenics are not a replacement for antibiotics, but that they offer a solution for AGP-free production

Find out the answers to these questions in: 3 myths about phytogenic feed additives in animal nutrition. In this article our experts resume the essence of phytogenic feed additives and their difference to nature-identical substances.


Additional topics discussed during the PSA Annual Meeting 2019:

  • Phytogenics in layer production
  • ABF production and pathogen control
  • Gut Health
  • Vaccine efficacy / immune response in combination with feed additives
  • Reduction of pathogens in processing facilities
  • Animal welfare

Important questions:

  • Can phytogenics be used in combinations with AGPs, rather than replacing them?
  • Would you recommend essential oils as a standalone tool against coccidiosis?

Two questions that raised quite a lot of interest, besides others. They have already been answered by Regional Technical Manager Stacie Appelton in an article on Feedstuffs . 


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Stacie Appleton (RTM Poultry)

Look up the abstracts of the PSA Annual Meeting 2019!

See here the abstracts of Jan Dirk van der Klis (Director of Product Development and Innovation), Francisco Dias, DVM (Customer Technical Service Manager Poultry), Stacie Appleton (RTM Poultry), Megan Koppen (RTM Poultry) and Manu de Laet (Customer Technical Service Manager Poultry).