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Christoph Hartinger

2 minutes | 11. July 2019
Degree of technical knowledge

Ruminant Tour 2019: From Farm to Fork

The Delacon Ruminant Tour is an educational seminar for people in the animal nutrition industry. Several experts from all over the world joined this event in June in Amsterdam in the Netherlands to present their latest knowledge in health and nutrition of dairy cows, beef cattle and calves.

The 90 participants from 27 nations also discovered Dutch agriculture and husbandry and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of the region.

Little calf on a typical Dutch dairy farm in Leusden (NL) © Delacon
Marco Noventa explains how to find a balanced diet for beef cattle © Delacon

One of the international speakers was Marco Noventa from Azove, a cooperative of 100 breeders in Italy. Azove was founded over 40 years ago to have more impact on the market and to provide specialized technical support. Dr. Noventa gave a clear overview of the Italian beef industry and how to find a balanced diet for beef cattle.

For a balanced diet it is mandatory to consider the following variables:

  • Way of somministation of various diets
  • Solubility and rumen degradability of carbohydrates and of proteins
  • Degradability speed
  • Nutrients particles sizes
  • Rate of passage
  • Buffering capacity

Consumption and exchange of dairy products

Jean-Marc Chaumet from the French Livestock Institute (Idele) in Paris talked about the consumption and exchange of dairy products and the global milk production which is increasing 2 percent annually. Most of the growth happened in Asia and in the coming years 70 percent of the growth will take place in India and Pakistan.

Another trend will be that the share of the production in developed countries will decrease and concerns about environmental and health issues may limit milk production in some countries.

Jean-Marc Chaumet talks about trends in global milk production © Delacon

…in the coming years 70 percent of the growth will take place in India and Pakistan

Jean-Marc Chaumet

French Livestock Institute

Thierry Aubert is talking about plant sourcing © Delacon

The other speakers were Kelly Nichols from the University of Wageningen, Netherlands (The protein efficiency in dairy cows: Feeding the mammary gland), Matteo Mezzetti from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy (Inflammation and oxidative stress during lactation in dairy cows), Cécile Martin from INRA, Paris (The origin of Methane production in ruminant) and Sangbuem Cho from the Chonbuk National University, Korea (Beef production in Korea and Marbling).

From Delacon spoke Poulad Pourazad about Feeding of grain-rich diets and the consequences for development of ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle, Thierry Aubert about Plant extract sourcing in Delacon and the Actifor® product impact in the environment and Annelies Diericx about Dutch agriculture and livestock production.