Summer time is barbecue time

Christoph Hartinger

< 1 minute | 4. October 2018
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Preserving traditions: Delacon’s annual barbecue

In July, 2018, the grills were heated up again! Our barbecue experts Hannes, Thomas and Florian put the best meat, vegetables and special beef on the grills. Over the years, the Delacon barbecue in Steyregg became a lovely tradition, which everyone is enjoying.

Delacon social eventsPaper plate turning at its best © Delacon

The Delacon Games


After the plentiful meal, six teams were formed, who had to compete against each other in different disciplines, like ladder golf, ping-pong, a steeplechase or even more unconventional games like paper plate turning and the balloon fork race. Theres, Peter and Marlene organized the ‘Delacon Games’, which is considered as one of the toughest competitions in the world.