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2 minutes | 16. October 2018
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Content curation: Good content from others

Phytogenius is your number 1 information source about phytogenic feed additives. We at Delacon create a lot of content for all of those, who want to become phytogenius! You can find it on the phytogenius blog, our website or technical journals. But to provide you even more information, we also like to share good content from others. Therefore, we bring you a hand-picked selection of educational articles, infographics, videos and whitepaper on a bi-monthly basis. In this regard, you will not only get insights into phytogenic landscape – but also also on related content from the feed and food industry, including topics like heat stess, antibiotic-free, gut health or animal performance and production.


Enjoy reading the first issue of articles worth reading!

young broiler© Delacon

How phytogenic feed additives improve poultry nutrition

Journalist Deven King summarizes in this blog post a discussion of industry professionals why phytogenic feed additives are getting more important for poultry health as there is an increasing demand for antibiotic-free protein. Read more… (Deven King /

a fish ín a labyrinth© petekarici / gettyImages

Cargill: Americans are eating more fish than they did five years ago, prioritizing nutrition and sustainability

Cargill’s recent Feed4Thought survey showed that over the past five years, 44 percent of American and British said that they have added more fish to their diets, followed closely by poultry. Read more… (Mary Ellen Shoup /

Substances in glasses© Delacon

Systematic Review of Phytotherapeutic Treatments for Different Farm Animals Under European Conditions

This is a study that evaluated the potential of phytotherapeutic products for replacing antibiotics for treatment and prevention of specific diseases of cattle, poultry, and swine in Europe. Read more… (Lena-Mari Tamminen, Ulf Emanuelson, Isabel Blanco-Penedo /

broilers on the floor© Delacon

Coccidiosis – A unique way to get around it

One of the major challenges for the worldwide Poultry industry Coccidiosis. The disease was discovered in 1910 and still has not been effectively controlled until today. It is estimated that costs of over 10 billion US dollars are lost every year due to gone performance and cumulative costs of ionophore anticoccidials. Read more… (

Some of the content is just available over registration, but we want to share such articles as well (see below):

Enterobacteriaceae Bacteria Family© gettyImages

“We are polluting the environment with resistant genes”

It is interesting that antimicrobial resistance is not a new, but a very old phenomenon. It is seen that the amout of resistant bacteria in the soil is increasing, which is more to worry about as the use of antibiotics alone. Read more (Emmy Koeleman / All about feed)

Phytogenic feed additives© Delacon

How gut health promotes animal welfare in monogastrics

Although there are many environmental stressors and new production methods, intestinal integrity can thrive through proper nutrition and management. Read more… (Jackie Roembke /

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