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2 minutes | 25. April 2019
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Content curation: Good content from others

On this blog, I’d like to share good content from others. A hand-picked selection of pressing topics among the feed-to-food industry.

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 White thoroughbred domestic chickens in a cage on a poultry farm. Fattening and good living conditions.© Delacon

First comes nutrition, then come additives

This time, the nutrition consultant Ioannis Mavromichalis, Ph.D. gives his view on the proper use of feed additives. “Used properly, they work fine. Otherwise, they can increase cost, especially if basic nutrition is not controlled first,” he writes.

(Ioannis Mavromichalis / WATTAgNet)

Cows in a box being fed.© Delacon

6 pressing questions about beef and climate change, answered

Beef and climate change are in the news these days. The article covers six information nuggets from the latest research: Is beef more resource-intensive than other foods? Can beef be produced more sustainably? – just to name a few.

(Richard Waite / World Economic Forum)

A cow in a box.© Delacon

The Global Livestock Sector’s Priorities for the Future – FAO

To ensure livestock production becomes a sustainable system is of the utmost importance, says Mr. Berhe Tekola in this FeedInfo interview. The Director of FAO’s Animal Production and Health Division mentions climate change, antimicrobial resistance, or African Swine Feaver as reasons for this global priority.

(Berhe Tekola / FeedInfo News Service)

Local farmer with phytogenic forage.© Delacon

What does “local” mean? And is it really better?

A consumer’s feeling counts in food shopping. “We tend to measure our feelings by the distance between the producers and our plates,” highlights author Robyn Metcalfe. However, sustainability is not directly linked to “local”. Forcing growth in unnatural environments might be more expensive and less sustainable than global distribution.

(Robyn Metcalfe / The New Food Economy)