Happy holidays: Join our spirit in the world's favorite phytogenic season!

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This is a time like no other in our lives. 2020 was one of the most challenging years for our industry, but also for many of us personally. Moreover, it also taught us interesting lessons on resilience. Those insights will help us grow further and make us come back stronger in 2021.

Also, the end of the year is always a great chance to reflect, make conclusions, and set new directions for the future. Therefore, we invite you to:

Make a difference:

Use your passion to create value for others and to contribute to a higher cause. Even small things of kindness can make a huge difference and change someone else's life for the better.  

Grow Together:

Only with sustainable partnerships it is possible to overcome difficult challenges and to build true success stories.

Impact Life:

At Delacon, we lead our mission to make the most effective phytogenic solutions for health and nutrition available to all. In a nutshell, it is all about health. Therefore, we want to encourage all of you to take care of this most valuable resource and foster resilience.

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Planting seeds for future success

We are very grateful for your loyalty throughout the last two years. Therefore, we renew our commitment to you to providing the most valuable insights about phytogenics possible. Moreover, encouraging you to become phytogenius on your own. Together, we can build momentum, overcome immense challenges, and take responsibility for a healthy and sustainable world.

The entire Delacon team wishes you all the best for 2021. We are looking forward to connecting with many of you soon. 

Your Phytogenic Voice Team

Marlene Forrai

Marlene Forrai

Storyteller, foodie, life-long learner – may be the three words that describe me best. Unfortunately, you cannot make a living by only eating food, even though it’s healthy. Therefore, I have developed my skills in Marketing, Online Communications and Content Management to enlighten people around the globe about the power of nature and its contribution to animal as well as human health. Besides my employment at Delacon, I am a Life & Resilience Coach. Therefore, I am focusing on helping others to grow in finding their purpose and inner strength.

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