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The second issue of articles worth reading is now available. Featured topics: Does the end-consumer really want to know about feed additive quality? Curcumin: A powerful bioactive for sheep. Why the industrial egg is starting to crack, and more.

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Curcumin: A powerful bioactive for sheep

Curcumin is a bioactive compound, known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions. Hence, Brazilian researchers wanted to know more about the plant. In a phytogenic insight at AllAboutFeed, they summarized Curcumin’s effects on sheep milk quality and quantity.

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Is the egg toast?

Renowned writer Rowan Jacobsen about the consequences of a compelling consumer topic, and a decisive decision: Cage-free and Proposition 12.

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“Natural” chicken can’t be given antibiotics, or confined indoors, says a California judge

Consumers connect “natural” with a few things: animals raised outdoors; produced without antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. Research shows that just adding the word “natural” to a product powers $40 billion worth of food sales every year. However, the term probably does not mean what you think it is. Hence, a federal judge in California stand by and made a clear decision.

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FDA: Livestock antibiotic usage falls by one-third

Global organizations, such as The Food and Drug Administration shape the animal feeding. Now, it reports that sales and distribution of medically important antimicrobials dropped by one-third. Since January 2017, livestock production is not allowed to use medically important antibiotics for growth promotion. 

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