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Are you a feed manufacturer or farmer? An integrator or academic researcher? A feed additive distributor or editor? A consumer, food retailer or potential job candidate? Then, the phytogenius blog is your place to be. Our purpose is sharing knowledge – from technical insights to fun facts. With every story, we want to enable you to perform nature and to become phytogenius on your own.

Phytogenic (plant-based) feed additives – a topic that concerns all of us

13,8 billion years ago – everything started with a big bang. Since then, almost 9 billion plant and animal species have been discovered. Moreover, we have grown to a population of more than 7,5 billion people on earth. Sounds impressive, but overwhelming at the same time – right?

Humanity being more sophisticated than ever, but there is still vast potential to explore. When searching for answers in animal and human nutrition to feed the world sustainably, the plant universe getting into the spotlight – for basic as well as specific questions:

  • What solutions does nature offer?
  • How to satisfy consumer needs regarding animal protein, like meat, milk, fish or eggs?
  • What are phytogenic feed additives, and can they deliver what they promise in animal nutrition?
  • How to differentiate high quality phytogenics from marketing products?
  • How to evaluate trials and technical details?
  • Should I use phytogenics as additional or standalone additive?
  • Should I use nature-identical or pure plant-based substances?

Bringing concrete solutions on the table, it needs profound and scientific reliable data, but also experts, who can make the power of nature visible and understandable. This is where phytogenius minds enter center stage.

Phyto what? The Reason Why our blog is called Phytogenius

Our core team is on the mission to find inspiring people, extraordinary perspectives and exclusive moments behind the scenes. We are supported by pioneers and experts located all around the globe. They are the first ones to identify pain points and challenges, to test our innovative solutions and to report from trade fairs, symposiums and conferences – not only informative, but entertaining at the same time. 

Good to know:


„phyto“ for plant / plant-based

„genius“ for a person with a high degree of technical understanding or in-depth knowledge of a specific topic, here phytogenic feed additives or phytogenics.

Let’s dive into the phytogenic universe and leave your footprint.

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