Phytogenic feed additives in poultry nutrition


Did you know that chickens are the closest descendants of the Tyrannosaurus Rex? Even if one would consider alligators, lizards or geckos more likely to be direct relatives of the dinosaurs from their external appearance: The analysis of tiny protein particles of a 68 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil shows that birds are closer descendants of the primitive animals.



Phytogenic feed additives in poultry nutrition

It’s all about combination

The key is identifying and combining specific plant extracts that can act synergistically to improve nutrient digestibility, while being safe, residue-free and efficacious. Find out more about Biostrong® 510, the zootechnical feed additive, and its beneficial properties to enhance protein utilization in poultry diets.  

What about gut health challenges in poultry?


The intestine is primarily responsible for the digestion and absorption of dietary nutrients, as well as being a major body surface area in contact with the external environment and home to the majority of immune cells. Discover in this article how phytogenics can help to support poultry’s gut and read more in our latest Dossier.

Beat the heat with patented solutions

©Delacon Heat stress in poultry

The temperatures are rising, summer is coming. How does poultry react to rising temperatures, and how can phytogenic feed additives offer support here? Read more about our patented heat stress solution in poultry or discover more about heat stress management. 



It’s all about quality – isn’t it?

How do you like your egg? Do you prefer an orange-golden yolk or a light-yellow one?  If you want to know why phytogenics are able to determine the color of yolk and turn your breakfast egg into a healthy taste experience, then you've come to the right place. Read in the article about the beneficial effects of selected phytogenic ingredients on egg quality. Stay EGGcited....

Sustainable egg production: Three ways today's eggs are greener than ever before

Find three strategies to feed more people with the high-quality protein of eggs, while using fewer resources. Sounds impossible? Not for phytogenius minds.

Coccidiosis in chickens - is it a matter of concern in the future?

Is the control of coccidiosis in chickens the key to intestinal health? Is there a chance to overcome coccidiosis in a natural way? And what is about secondary bacterial infections? Let’s have a closer look on phytogenic solutions to support intestinal health…

Find out, how phytogenics can contribute to solve your challenge in poultry production

Naturally strong for every challenge

Anne Oberdorf

Anne Oberdorf

Anne has always been fascinated by the unknown, the diversity and beauty of nature. Her love for nature brought her to Delacon in 2018 after studying agricultural sciences, where she worked as Technical Communications Manager and later as Product Manager Aquaculture. Since February 2021, she has been taking a new, natural career path outside of Delacon.

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