WPC 2022 in a nutshell: Sustainable ways for the poultry sector

The 26th edition of the World Poultry congress took place in Paris from August 7th to 11th this year. It was organized by the World's Poultry Science Association (WPSA) at the acclaimed Palais des Congrès de Paris.

The four-day scientific program was varied and intense and covered hot topics in the sector. To name but a few: "Water as a key to sustainable nutrition," "Birds and their microbiota," "Breeding and nutrition strategies for sustainable poultry production schemes," and many more.


Sustainability is key

The growing demand for viable and green production in agriculture and livestock represents a major challenge for those industries. The poultry sector marks no exception, making it crucial to evaluate how to meet expectations for sustainable production. What are the main challenges today, but more importantly, which ones are yet to come?

Did you know?

The conference organizers also had to face a new challenge as many people could still not travel. To offer a solution, professionals who could not attend on-site were able to access live streaming and recorded sessions. Turning this event into a hybrid one also made it more sustainable, which could be the future for such events.

Delacon on-site

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After three years of the pandemic, the WPC was the first opportunity to bring Delacon's sales and technical teams to one place where they could reconnect with global industry partners worldwide in face-to-face meetings.

Besides, the event was the ideal place to follow the poultry industry's trends, needs, and challenges and highlight concepts and solutions. It enabled Delacon to showcase the technology of the Biostrong® product line for poultry with a particular focus on the Biostrong® Fertile product, for which a scientific abstract was presented. The poster entitled "A phytogenic feed additive to improve male and female reproductive performance and DOC Quality Â» was prepared and commented on by Roberto Montanhini Neto, Global Unit Lead Monogastrics, Manu de Laet and Mojca Osredkar Mergole, both Global Technical Managers Poultry.

“The technical team of Delacon, a company with a sound foundation in research and innovation, was pleased to have published the study's results on the effectiveness of Biostrong Fertile in broiler breeders during WPC-2022. In addition to the high academic-scientific level of the event, we know that numerous representatives of the global poultry industry were present, allowing a unique exposure to our newly launched technology.“

Roberto Montanhini Neto, Global Unit Lead Monogastrics

Delacon Dinner

On a festive note, customers and partners were invited to a special celebration on a magical little island situated in a former royal hunting place. They enjoyed a delightful dinner in an atypical and quiet location in Paris, surrounded by the power of nature.

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WPC 2022 is over, and we look forward to participating in WPC 2026 in Toronto, Canada!

Sanja Erkic

Sanja Erkic

Sanja Erkic grew up and lived in different cultural environments and is a real language expert. After studying Cultural Studies (majoring in social sciences and politics), she joined the Delacon team in Toulouse in 2018. Sanja is a globetrotter, she loves to learn new things and tries to see the world from different angles. As an Event Coordinator, Sanja is responsible for organizing various events all around the world.

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