Delacon’s distributor raises efforts to increase awareness of phytogenics in Iran

Novindaneh Talayei’s vision is to be part of the companies that are striving to produce safe and sustainable food for a growing world. Recently, they organized a phytogenics symposium, having a clear picture in mind about phytogenics in the future. What is yours?

CTS Manager Poultry Manu De Laet with the Novindaneh Talayei team

Potentials to link phytogenics to consumers

Herbs and plant extracts have traditionally been part of every Iranian life. There is a great trust in plant-based medication, which is inclined with Persian culture. Although the awareness of phytogenics in Iran is still at a minimal in public, feed industry members see a potential to connect. “People tend to buy an antibiotic-free chicken, which is evidently more expensive. Moreover, egg producers also use the label antibiotic-free on their packaging which adds value to their product,” explains Mahdi Assadi Movahed.

“We believe Iranian consumers are demanding for safe food; we just need to connect their demands to phytogenic feed additives.“

The benefits of phytogenics are enormous, how to use them?

The symposium gathered 25 industry members, among them university professors, poultry nutritionists, animal feed producers, and poultry production associations. There are already several business cases proving the concept of Biostrong® 510. This is mainly for poultry farmers and feed producers valuable information.

Mr. Movahed says: “Poultry farmers were given a hint how Biostrong® 510 will add value to their business, both in profits and product branding. Animal feed producers, for example, saw the positive effects on their final products.

“It became clear, why Delacon is the most reliable company for purchasing phytogenic feed additives.“

A success story with phytogenics in one of the top animal feed producers

CTS Manager Poultry Manu De Laet visited Beyza Feed

Beyza feed mill is among the top five leading animal feed producers in the country. For example, the company has one of the best and updated extrusion feed production systems for aquaculture. “Additionally, they are thrilled with the results that they achieve by using the matrix value of Biostrong® 510,” says Mr. Movahed. 

“When we came across phytogenics, we were determined to find the market leader in the sector. We did so, and today, we believe in the power of phytogenics with the technological and scientific know-how of Delacon.”

Novindaneh Talayei

The company started its business to provide quality feed ingredients and additives. The company’s product portfolio consists of suppliers that offer the best products possible for animal producers. It is their vision to be part of the companies that are striving to produce safe and sustainable food for a growing world.

“The feed mill company mentioned that poultry farmers had felt the difference of the urea reduction in the environment as an evident positive effect of Biostrong® 510.“

How do you see the future of phytogenics in Iran?

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina Mayrhuber

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