Education is the passport to the future, isn’t it?

Recently, Paulo Tomargo reached out with great news from Chile. We, Fitotek and Delacon, are supporting an educational project. It takes place in Putaendo, a region that is “very rural and rather poor in economic opportunities,” explains Paulo. “The idea was to make certain know-how available for teachers in country-side schools,” he says. In several lectures, they are developing new skills for them and their students.


Focus on teamwork

Sixty teachers are being taught a cooperative learning methodology called Kagan. This methodology fosters to work in groups and alternate roles, creating a virtuous cycle. Mr. Christian Navarro, one of the teachers, tells us:

“The project attacks a weak point of education in Chile, which is teamwork. It is something fundamental for current education and that there are no methodologies to develop it in the best way, especially in the special education that is where I work. These kinds of experiences help children to socialize better. I see that they can develop new skills. I think it helps develop social intelligence, soft skills, especially key for these children.”“

Christian Navarro

A personal story drives this project

It all started when Paulo went to the schools of his girls at the beginning of the year. It’s a private school that can afford the costs of the project, also keen to innovate, so they are open to new approaches in education. It resonates, as Mrs. Paola Solari Campos explains. The topic of the training caught her attention, and that’s why she wanted to participate. It is a very useful tool for developing collaborative learning. She is already applying two structures that she learned during the course.

“It is interesting to apply in the school community, for example, to address specific relevant issues that are difficult to handle.“

Paola Solari Campos

Education in phytogenics goes into high gear when Delacon enters markets. “It is a great honor to enable this project. We invest in the education as these young folks are the future,” says Joerg Niebelschuetz, Director Operations & Finance.

“Kids’ education requires a permanent innovation in methodologies,” says Mr. Carlos Cordero. He is convinced such tools – away from routine – are the basis to discover new things, to attract the attention of kids and hence, increase learning.

To realize the project, Delacon and Fitotek engaged Entre Pares, a non-profit organization. It is the only one accredited to teach Kagan in Chile.

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina loves to learn, discover and tell feed and food stories globally - using Social Media, visual communications and media relations. She is currently not working actively at Delacon.

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