Anne Oberdorf

2 minutes | 14. April 2020
Degree of technical knowledge

What about …. Current challenges of coccidiosis in poultry and the options to control it in the UK?

  • What products are used in the UK as in-feed anticoccidials?
  • What is the outlook in the frame of the future of coccidiostats and
  • What are alternative solutions to control the current challenge of coccidiosis in poultry?

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Coccidiosis as one of the biggest challenge in poultry

The UK poultry market has shown a steady increase in the last decade, particularly in the broiler and layer sector. In 2017 UK chick and poultry placings (millions) were as follows: commercial broilers 1,047, commercial layers 38, turkeys 15, and female broiler breeders 8 (AHDB, 2018).

Coccidiosis continues to be one of the most frequently reported poultry diseases and can be found everywhere both in backyard and commercial flocks.

Tibor Cserep

Consultant, DVM, MRCVS

Did you know?

The annual cost of coccidiosis globally is estimated to be approximately $2.4–3.0 Billion.

Coccidiosis is a costly disease

In the absence of reliable data on prevalence of coccidiosis in the UK, we can only assume that its cost to the producers is substantial here too. This cost arises from the cost of drugs, vaccines and predisposition to clostridial and other bacterial infections leading to impaired growth rate, poor feed conversion or temporary reduction in egg production, and mortality.

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