Why does gut health play such an important role in livestock production?

Get more insights about the Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals

The importance of keeping the gastrointestinal system healthy has been the focus of The Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animal, held in St. Louis, Missouri. Stacie Appleton, Regional Technical Manager Poultry joined the discussions of experts concerning: 

  • New technologies to impact the gut microbiota in livestock animals, pets and humans
  • Prevention of diseases of the intestinal tract
  • Controlling the spread of pathogens over gene expression
  • Link between animal and human application of research advances
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Gut health important in modern animal nutrition

In particular, the worldwide trend towards antibiotic-free animal production and the associated increasing challenge of bacterial diarrhea in livestock makes gut health one of the most important factors to maintain optimal animal performance.

Moreover, the climate changes’ associated heat stress are increasingly becoming an issue for the maintenance of gut health in livestock farming: damage to the intestinal barrier by oxidative stress leads to increased susceptibility to bacterial infections and an increase in general morbidity and mortality.


Curious how you can maintain gut health with phytogenics?

Skimm through the articles on the Phytogenius Blog or get in contact with our poultry expert.

“Mentioning botanical actives is becoming more common in the feed additives industry – either individually used or in combination with other types of feed additive ingredients. Many research projects are investigating the myriad of benefits from phytogenic actives. From performance, immune function, disease prevention, gut health and integrity, industry sustainability and to meet consumer demands.“

Stacie Appleton

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