Video: Expert talk about the feed industry

Now available: final part 4 of expert talk - What are the latest trends in animal nutrition? Jackie Roembke, editor of Feed Strategy Magazine and industry expert Tobias Steiner are discussing the challenges and changes in the feed industry.

Expert talk: Part 1

Jackie Roembke, editor of Feed Strategy Magazine and Tobias Steiner, former Head of Strategic Marketing are discussing about the challenges and changes in the feed industry.

Focus topics are: feed industry, sustainability, role of phytogenic feed additives, growth of phytogenic industry, profitable solutions, animal welfare, customer requests.

Expert talk: Part 2

Focus topics are: transparency, nutrition surveys, antibiotic replacement, experience with phytogenic feed additives, diversity of phytogenics, best practices, conditions and applications.

Expert talk: Part 3

Focus topics are: Most interesting topics in Feed Strategy Magazine in 2018; How to select phytogenics; Opportunities of phytogenics in the future.

Expert talk: Part 4

Focus topics are:  Topics: trends in the feed industry, animal welfare, influence of the consumer on animal nutrition, transparence in animal feed production, millennial consumer

Christoph Hartinger

Christoph Hartinger

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