Katharina Mayrhuber

2 minutes | 8. May 2019
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Pioneer meets pioneer

Gerhard Reingruber is the first farmer to offer A2 milk products in Austria. The farmer and Delacon have things in common. Both are pioneers and appreciate phytogenics as valuable feed additives.

The vision was born when Gerhard Reingruber first thought about his passion. His family wanted to offer milk products directly to consumers. However, they were searching for a niche market. “To differentiate from competitors,” says the farmer. 


Daily dairy business is pioneering

Gerhard Reingruber shares his vision with a network of scientists, dairy plants, food chains, potential partners, and customers. Together with a partner farm, he has already started to implement it. “The positive resonance in our environment shows that we are doing the right things.”

Of course, a new product needs a lot of ground-breaking work. Being proactive, convincing potential customers, creating awareness on this topic.

Gerhard Reingruber


© Werner Dedl

Following a big idea

“I want to be the first contact when it comes to A2 milk in marketing.” From early on, he was convinced about the idea. Today, he yields first rewards: “Several milk companies and chains have already knocked on the door. They are interested in future cooperation.”

Is it worth the attention? “Yes absolutely,” answers Reingruber. Since February, his A2 milk products are available in big groceries stores.

A2 milk: Benefits for the customer

  • A cow’s DNA determines if it produces A1A1, A1A2, or A2A2 milk
  • A2A2 milk contains only A2 beta casein
  • Hence, it can possibly reduce intolerance to dairy products

Feed influences success

The feed is based on pasture, hay, and silage corn. Moreover, he adds Delacon’s phytogenic feed additives. The requirements on plant-based feed additives are clear: “Quality is the most important thing – to prevent mastitis, or acidosis,” says Reingruber. Additionally, he requires feed additives to act as an appetizer. Because milk yield directly correlates with feed intake.”

Gerhard Reingruber says: “With the products of Delacon I found a sustainable and successful solution to offer high-quality milk.”

Delacon's phytogenic feed additives to offer high-quality milk. © Delacon