Phytogenic survey: Consumers say ‘yes’ to plant-based feed additives

You are what you eat. Consumers interest in how their food is produced is higher than ever. But does it also impact their brand choice and buying decision? Recent surveys conducted in the United States and Thailand deliver valuable insights into this question.

Phytogenic survey: Consumers say ‘yes’ to plant-based feed additives

Are you one of the 87% ?


Your counterparts in Thailand and the U.S. already take notice: They are highly interested in how their food was raised. The story of phytogenic feed additive resonates with their values.

These folks are most likely to eat chicken, fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Two-thirds of consumers look closely at meat product labels, looking for food that was “raised without antibiotics ever.” Moreover, they give a thumbs-up to food that is raised in an environmentally friendly way.

Preferences are clear: Food without harmful residues

Phytogenic feed additives are plant-based solutions. Derived from herbs and spices probably known from the kitchen: Pepper, Thyme, or Oregano, for example. Their extracts and active substances aim, among others, at optimizing animals’ welfare. A good reason to say ‘yes’ to phytogenic feed additives, isn’t it? Thai Millennials foodies did already. Nine out of ten say:    

“I would “feel great about food choices” knowing phytogenics support animal’s digestive health and wellness, and environmental impact“

“I would choose meat and poultry fed completely natural ingredients, such as phytogenics“

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At the same time around 13.550 km away from Thailand…

…Millennials in the U.S. consider similar aspects in buying decisions: animal well-being, and the environment. While they have no prior awareness of phytogenic feed additives, there would be an opportunity to connect with them, with a story including how natural plant-based ingredients are fed to chickens, pigs, and other animals. For 87 percent of millennial foodies in the U.S., meat and poultry produced with phytogenic feed additives would make a positive impact on their brand choice.

How would you be influenced by knowing that phytogenics were fed to animals? Leave your comment below.

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