Don’t hesitate, the time has come to increase your business with phytogenics in Asia

With phytogenics, Edgar Rule is always getting consistent good results. That’s why customers are continuously using them. A promising outlook for the future, isn’t it? From VIV Asia 2019, we take home some messages that might be interesting for you as well. Don’t miss them.

A recap about VIV Asia, the driving forces in the region.

“This year, there are so many companies involved, it just shows the dynamic of the market,” says Sze Eng-Kian, Regional Sales Manager North East Asia. “The crowd is amazing, so many positive vibes,” these are only some of the impressions of the VIV Asia 2019.

What has changed compared to the last VIV Asia? This question was probably the most interesting for our visitors. Whether for distributors, customers, or journalists.

“The acceptance of phytogencis has changed. It has been constantly increasing during the last five years,” as Gina Medina, Sales Group Leader Asia explains.
Two years ago, visitors stopped-by to learn more about phytogenics. Today, they know about the positive impacts. They are even thinking about different application strategies, or how to replace other feed additives.

Delacon's Asia Team organized a virtual Distributor Meeting in times of Covid-19. More than 60 participants came together to exchange the latest phytogenic insights. ©Delacon

Did you know?

Delacon did already start the business in Asia 20 years ago. Today, it is the fastest growing region, with growth rates above the average of 20 percent.

Therefore, Delacon opens a regional office in Singapore on March 18, 2019.

Delacon Singapore Private Limited
51 Changi Business Park Central 2
The Signature
Unit 433, Level 04-05
Singapore 486066
Tel. No.: +65 6701 8579, +65 6701 8580

“With phytogenics we are always getting consistent good results. That’s the reason why customers are continuously using them“

Edgar Rule - President of Agrimate Inc., distributor in the Philippines

A change that does not happen overnight. It is the result of an amazing team work between my Asian colleagues and regional distributors. They have commited themselves helping others successfully through AGP bans in several countries. Right now, it is a team of seven, with distributors in 13 markets.

It’s food safety that counts

Consumers mindsets differ across the globe, and Delacon surveys show how. In the U.S., an environmentally friendly message creates believability and intent to purchase among millennials. In comparison, knowing phytogenics “leave no harmful residue” would be influential for Thai Millennials.

Why to choose a phytogenic feed additive instead of another one?

So many feed additives have already entered the market. One even better than the other, as claims might promise. Then why to take a (Delacon) phytogenic? This was also a frequently asked question at VIV Asia. Let’s discover three factors why phytogenics can be your match in nature.

Various seminars and events bring this topic to the table as well:

  • The Global Feed & Food Conference, motto: The future of feed and food – are we ready? Delacon CEO Markus Dedl participated as speaker “We need to collaborate in positively communicating what we do well in the feed industry for rebuilding consumer trust.”
  • Pig Health & Nutrition: Dr. Anja Fiesel took center-stage in a presentation about phytogenics.
  • Poultry Health: Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis talked about phytogenics in heat stress conditions.
  • Feed Strategy panel discussion organized by WATT: Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis was on-stage as one of three experts, talking about “Antibiotic reductions & elimination in Southeast Asia.”

What was your favorite moment of this year's VIV Asia?

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina loves to learn, discover and tell feed and food stories globally - using Social Media, visual communications and media relations. She is currently not working actively at Delacon.

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