Phytogenius – because gut instinct is not enough

Marlene Forrai

3 minutes | 21. November 2018
Degree of technical knowledge

EuroTier 2018: From new scientific solutions to digital experiences

November 13-16: People from all over the world made their way to Hanover – visiting booth E27 in hall 2. Their common purpose? Searching for natural solutions to meet present and future challenges in animal nutrition in a sustainable way.

In this regard, people do not want to talk with anyone, but with the pioneer and global leader in this field. Why? Because they know that gut instinct is not enough…

Delacon at Eurotier 2018© Delacon

Replacing belief with scientific knowledge to solve PIG challenges

Post weaning diarrhea – these three words are shiver down the spine of every farmer – no wonder: In the EU, nearly every 4th piglet is affected by PWD. Antibiotic medication is necessary and loss of profit is the consequence. Therefore, the goal of our particular development was all about protection for the young, weaning piglet. With Fresta®Protect  we created a simple solution out of complex phytogenic blends to prevent PWD and contribute to a sustainable, profitable pig production with the minimized use of antibiotics. Sounds phytogenius – doesn’t it?

Phytogenius blog:

Your number 1 information source about phytogenic feed additives

Happiness doubles when you share it – we truly believe that the same can be said for knowledge. Therefore, we take our role as thought leader seriously and share our insights with people around the globe.

Good to know

Phytogenius – a person who has insight knowledge about phytogenic (plant-based) feed additives.

“The goal of the Phytogenic Voice (blog) Team is to provide a platform where people from the entire feed to food chain with different knowledge backgrounds can find valid information and answers to their questions. To achieve our goal, we get support from global experts and opinion leaders.” 


Marlene Forrai
Online Marketing & Content Manager 

Phytogenic Voice Team© Delacon

Phytogenius minds in action

This year, the topics animal welfare, antibiotic reduction, sustainability and biosecurity were in the focus of scientific lectures at EuroTier. As phytogenics are a cornerstone solution to address these issues, it is no surprise that our experts are taking center stage during the scientific seminars.

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Phytogenics reduce post weaning diarrhea in piglets

“Phytogenics are effective in reducing the impact of post-weaning diarrhea in piglets via stimulation of feed intake, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and via quorum sensing inhibition”.

Dr. Jan Dirk van der Klis
Director of Product Development & Innovation

Gut integrity and performance, the key message from phytogenics use

“The role of phytogenics is also an important option for improving gut health in modern poultry production nowadays” How? “By better control of inflammations, reduced pathogenicity of clostridium perfingens and alleviating severity of coccidiosis infections”.

Francisco E. Dias
Customer Technical Service Manager Poultry

© Koos Groenewold
Delacon team with its awards© Delacon

EuroTier facts at one glance

  • More than 150.000 visitors from all around the globe visited Europe’s largest trade fair for animal production.
  • Digital animal farming was the theme of this year. Did you experience our award-winning digital booth or already discovered our and new digital communication channel, the phytogenius blog?
  • During November 13 – 16, we welcomed hundreds of visitors from more than 30 countries to enlighten them about the powerful story of phytogenics.

Are you already phytogenius?