Did you know? The Delacon Hub is equipped with a modern biofilter system

With an eye on the environment and a focus on sustainability, Delacon has put much thought into air purification for communities.

Therefore, to keep the possibility for odor pollution in the area surrounding our production as low as possible, a proven biofilter system was implemented. The sustainable, environmentally friendly system has already produced convincing results, which is why we would like to present it briefly here.

The biological air purification in the biofilter is based on the activity of microorganisms, which biochemically oxidize organic and some inorganic gaseous waste air substances and convert them into innocuous or odorless ones. Microorganisms inside the biofilter live in the biofilter carrier material, such as bark or wood chips.

Functional principle

The potential air-polluting substances are absorbed on the surface of the carrier material, which begins the passage to a fluid phase and makes the substance accessible to the microorganisms.

Then, potential pollutants are biologically oxidized so that microorganisms can use them as a source of nourishment and energy, forming their own biomass, which results in 2 to 3 tons of bacteria at the end of the cycle.

Since this process is a degradation, there is no accumulation of pollutants in the biofilter material. The organic matter obtained from the carrier material after about 4-5 years has only a conventional earthy smell. By the end of the cycle, this material is composted and simply replaced by new carrier material. 

With this biofilter system, the natural process of biological waste air purification is optimally implemented and utilized. Biofilters are very stable in their operation and are known for their very low operating costs, bringing a breath of fresh air to communities everywhere.  

“The art is not the degradation itself, but the ability to give the microorganisms an environment to live and reproduce.“

 Elisabeth Rohrer

Elisabeth Rohrer

After her study in agriculture sciences at the university of natural resources and life sciences in Vienna, Elisabeth joined the Delacon team in December 2013 as Technical Communications Manager - a position, she always exerted with pleasure. Since 2021, her task areas have been extended and thus, she is also supporting colleagues in writing offside the technical focus as Content Manager. Elisabeth describes herself as a great animal and nature lover and prefers to spend her free time high up in the mountains with her little family, away from the hustle and bustle.

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