Antibiotics in animal nutrition and the consequences

Meet Poulad and find out what he has learned about antimicrobe resistance at the European Federation of Animal Science in Croatia.

At the EAAP in Dubrovnik Prof. Dr. Ir. Leonard den Hartog from Wageningen University talked about “Innovation for sustainable animal nutrition”. His works are mainly focused on sustainable animal nutrition in production chains. During his speech, he pointed to the future of using antibiotics in animal nutrition and microbial resistance and the consequence on human health.

Delacon's R&D Manager Ruminant Poulad Pourazad joined the annual meeting of the EAAP in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

My take home messages:

  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Leonard den Hartog mentioned that in 2050 people will die more because of antimicrobial resistance than cancer.
  • He also told us about his recent visit in the Philippines and where farmers told him that they reduced using antibiotics. After asking for more details he was completely shocked since they only reduce the usage of antibiotic growth promoters to half. This will make pathogens more resistant. The only option is to take out antibiotic growth promoters completely. Therefore, it is important to search for proper alternatives and solutions for preventive use.
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Antibiotic resistant bacteria

Factbox EAAP

  • The Annual Meeting of the EAAP is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Agricultural Agency in cooperation with University of Zagreb.
  • The European Federation for Animal Science wants to improve the knowlegde of domestic animals farming.
  • Beside animal nutrition sections there were many interesting talks about: 
    – sustainable livestock production
    – genetics
    – meat and milk quality
    – global warming
    – antibiotic resistance 
    – and many other topics.

“Joining the annual meeting of EAAP in Dubrovnik was a great opportunity to get along with recent researches in animal nutrition and discuss different topics in this field with experts face to face.“

Poulad Pourazad

Poulad Pourazad

Since 2017 Poulad has been R&D Manager Ruminant at Delacon. Poulad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences and a Master’s degree in Ruminant Nutrition, both from universities in Iran (University of Tabriz & Azad University). Then he moved to Austria and completed his PhD in Ruminant Nutrition at the University of Veterinary Medicine (VetMedUni) in Vienna. Prior to joining Delacon, he worked as researcher at the Institute of Animal Nutrition and Plant Functional Compounds at the VetMedUni in Vienna. His motto: Rumen – a universe that needs to be discovered.

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