Delacon awarded with the SME Star Award 2018

Eleven SMEs in Europe were given a stage during a festive award ceremony in the European Parliament. Delacon was awarded twice.

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Do you know what percentage of European enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? 99 percent.

On October 17, 2018, eleven SMEs in Europe were given a stage, during a festive award ceremony in the European Parliament.  Among them Delacon.

The STARs are shining: being small, thinking big

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SMEs have great business success stories to tell – and are often hidden world champions.  The European Commission considers SMEs as key to ensuring economic growth, innovation, job creation and social integration in the European Union.

“There are plenty of sectors that need pioneers, but to be successful, you first need to have the courage to go for it. For that start something that matters and be passionate about it,” says Paul Rübig, Member of the European Parliament, who moderated the award ceremony.

And now, stage clear for the winner in the category “SME Agriculture Award” – it’s time to tell the story.

“This year we are celebrating 30 years, and we have partially achieved our vision. Our phytogenic feed additives can be found in two percent of the annual compound feed output worldwide.“

Markus Dedl - CEO, Delacon

Feeding the world sustainably: That’s our story

The birth of Delacon was driven by somebody’s pioneering work and passion of the growing team ever since.

It all started with an idea in 1988. Delacon’s founder, Helmut Dedl vision of replacing antibiotic and synthetic growth promoters in animal nutrition by plant extracts – to ensure sustainable livestock farming and food safety on a global scale. He coined the term phytogenic feed additives, and the growing Delacon company shaped this category ever since.

Today, the founder’s son and CEO, Markus Dedl and 130 team members all around the globe continue to investigate the plant universe. To determine the modes of action of herbs, spices, other plants, and their extracts. Thorough research has shown: Phytogenic feed additives are effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

And the winner is…

Markus Dedl (l) and Theresia Grossschartner are proud to receive the SME Star Award 2018 from Paul Rübig (r) © SME Europe

For its efforts as SME and contributing to make the world a better placeDelacon was awarded twice during the SME Award Ceremony: CEO Markus Dedl and Theresia Grossschartner, worker’s council lead, were proud to receive the SME Star Agriculture Award as well as the overall award.

Delacon is the SME Star Award Winner 2018 – and the mission continues.

About the SME Star Award – the “Oscars for SMEs”

The award was established with the initiative of the Board of the SME Europe of the EPP represented by acting members of the European Parliament.  Being remarkable and committed advocates for SME welfare throughout their entire career, it is them who observe best SME cases in their regions and nominate the most exemplary ones.

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“Modern animal farming while meeting current and future demands of a growing world population – this will not be possible without specialty feed ingredients. It is our responsibility to provide solutions to address societal concerns.“

Markus Dedl - CEO, Delacon

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Karina Watzinger

Karina Watzinger

Development is one of Karina's main drivers and a true passion, her motto being: Great things never came from comfort zones. At Delacon, she is leading the Organizational Development team, supporting to bring the organization to the next level in various ways.

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