Happy Birthday, Phytogenius

More than 80 articles, videos and interviews. These are not the achievements of an 80-year-old journalist, but of our one-year-old blog Phytogenius. Take a moment to celebrate one year of phytogenic knowledge with us, and take a look at the most-read articles. What is your Phytogenius moment?

I cannot believe that our blog Phytogenius is going to celebrate its first birthday today. Did you already have the chance to discover all the features Phytogenius is providing?

During the last year, Phytogenius has become a valued team member in our content team. It is supporting us to thrive our purpose: Sharing knowledge and make the power of nature visible and understandable to all.

How did we do that? By addressing industry pain points, giving background information, and exclusive behind the scenes insights as well as explaining trial data.

With this approach, we were able to produce more than 80 articles within this year. Following you find the most read articles of our global audience. Do you remember what your favorite article on Phytogenius is?


Most read, most shared: The top 5 articles on Phytogenius

What is your favorite Phytogenius moment?



“I really appreciate the fact of gaining new insights and perspectives with every article you write, especially when working with colleagues. My personal favorite is the phytogenic ingredients in the spotlight series. I am obsessed with plant-based spices and herbs; understanding their modes of action and experiencing their power, if using it wisely is something that fascinates me. Therefore, my Phytogenius moment was when I learned that a small amount of black pepper can help to increase the absorption of curcumin.”


“I liked the idea of our Phytogenius blog from the very beginning – the idea of sharing knowledge instead of promoting products. It’s something that convinces guest editors to participate, e.g. Jackie Roembke, Feed Strategy Magazine. Moreover, my personal Phytogenius moment is when seeing people sharing our articles on Social Media – whether colleagues or ambassadors. They are usually highly convinced about phytogenics benefits on the environment, food safety & performance.”



“I love to explain complex issues to people in simple words so that everyone can understand. Thus, I like the article on quorum sensing inhibition of phytogenics best. Here I describe from the perspective of an E. coli bacterium how selected phytogenics are able to prevent communication – so called quorum sensing – between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. In the team, we are able to bring exciting new topics of the phytogenic universe to light that inspire the reader.”


Last but not least, we want to use this happy day as an opportunity to thank our valued global readers around the world. Thank you for being a voice and not an echo in helping us to spread the powerful message of phytogenics worldwide.

What is your favorite Phytogenius moment?

Marlene Forrai

Marlene Forrai

Storyteller, foodie, life-long learner – may be the three words that describe me best. Unfortunately, you cannot make a living by only eating food, even though it’s healthy. Therefore, I have developed my skills in Marketing, Online Communications and Content Management to enlighten people around the globe about the power of nature and its contribution to animal as well as human health. Since February 2022, Marlene started a new career path outside of Delacon.

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