Delacon’s Steyregg team outing to nature

Delacon’s slogan ‚performing nature‘ not only applies to Delacon’s products, it is also valid for the staff. If you want to experience the beauty of Austrian nature as well, take a look at the photo gallery.

If you are sitting in the office a lot, it is always pleasant to spend a day in nature. So ‘performing nature’ isn’t just a slogan for Delacon’s products, it is also valid for the Delacon team. Spending time with colleagues besides from work is building up the Delacon team spirit. And if it is just that you find time to chat. Our team outing on October 5 started in Steyregg in Austria with a ride to the beautiful Postalm in the Austrian Salzkammergut.


The hiking tour at the Postalm was quite a challenge for us, but everyone arrived at the hut safe and happy. After the invigorating lunch, the team drove on to Gmunden to a mountain called Gruenberg, which means green mountain in German. On this mountain, we discovered a unique wooden tower that is called treetop walk.

The 39 meters high tower offers an overwhelming view from the top of the platform to the surrounding lakes. To our surprise, an Austrian marching band welcomed us at the treetop tower. This is what you call a typical Austrian scenery! Our team performing on the green mountain seems like a symbol for what Delacon stands for and makes it special company!

Christoph Hartinger

Christoph Hartinger

From driving instructor over journalist to public relations and communications specialist. Christoph is interested in the phenomena of communication from a professional, scientific and private perspective already for decades – his hardest project so far: Understanding the differences between male and female communication. Considering himself as a lifelong learner with many interests like music, sports and science. Since October 2020, he is following a new career path outside Delacon.

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