Christoph Hartinger

< 1 minute | 17. October 2019
Degree of technical knowledge

Video: Expert talk about the feed industry

Expert talk: Part 1

Jackie Roembke, editor of Feed Strategy Magazine and Tobias Steiner, former Head of Strategic Marketing are discussing about the challenges and changes in the feed industry.

Focus topics are: feed industry, sustainability, role of phytogenic feed additives, growth of phytogenic industry, profitable solutions, animal welfare, customer requests.

Expert talk: Part 2

Focus topics are: transparency, nutrition surveys, antibiotic replacement, experience with phytogenic feed additives, diversity of phytogenics, best practices, conditions and applications.

Expert talk: Part 3

Focus topics are: Most interesting topics in Feed Strategy Magazine in 2018; How to select phytogenics; Opportunities of phytogenics in the future.

Expert talk: Part 4

Focus topics are:  Topics: trends in the feed industry, animal welfare, influence of the consumer on animal nutrition, transparence in animal feed production, millennial consumer