Manuel Zankl – A pioneer in the production

He looks back on a successful career and takes back 8.000 steps per day. Manuel Zankl started with a leasing deal and has been promoted to the production manager’s deputy. Cooperativeness, diligence, discovered talent, appreciated skills. These components were leading to this position. What else is important for a pioneer in the production team?

“At Delacon, we are a mixed powerful production team: Young and experienced professionals, motivated to work, cooperative.“

Manuel Zankl

In the production team, Manuel could show his talent. It has been awarded. Now he is the deputy of the product manager. “I am ambitious and always wanted to achieve more, to continuously develop and never stand still. However, I wasn’t expecting this position. To get this opportunity is important to me.”

A typical day starts with a walk around the production facility. Afterward, Manuel writes delivery notes and calculates daily production volumes. He is also responsible for maintaining production processes. Last, but not least he assigns the pieces of work to every team member. “When doing so, I care about individual preferences. While some of the team members want to rotate, others feel confident on one machine.”

Three things that I need for my work as deputy production manager:

A computer, a cool head, and feet that carry me. I go around 8.000 steps per day in my work.


How has the work changed over time? “Without a doubt, a promotion changes the structure in a team, the cooperation and responsibility increase. The key is to build trust – it allows me to implement renewals or changes of plans smoothly.”

On request of his latest success story, Manuel answers: “Successful is every day we can achieve our targets. Then we know that we have performed well. It is the basis for superior goals.” Remaining faithful to one’s values is the link to success says Manuel. This is also an advice he would give his 18-year-old self.

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina loves to learn, discover and tell feed and food stories globally - using Social Media, visual communications and media relations. She is currently not working actively at Delacon.

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