Start into the new year with phytogenic lucky charms

The turn of the year - an exciting time, full of changes, new beginnings, “detoxing” at all levels, new year’s resolutions and hoping that all remains the same or will be better in the year ahead.

Fully motivated and equipped with one or another lucky charm, we also start the new calendar year with drive and verve. Our first blog contribution this year is giving a short insight of plants that are being used as lucky charms at the turn of the year - a small foretaste of more interesting posts from the phytogenic universe to come throughout the year.

Lucky charms from the plant kingdom

A very popular new year's tradition includes giving each other lucky charms that are believed to have a lucky effect. Next to chimney sweeps, pigs, horseshoes and ladybugs, certain plants are considered typical lucky charms for the new year.

Lucky clover

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A four-leaf clover, which only occurs rarely in nature, is already reason enough to ascribe it a lucky bringing force. The four-leaf clover is considered a world symbol that links the four points of the compass as well as the four elements. It is intended to prevent strokes of fate in the life of humans. As can be seen, there exist many different interpretations for the lucky four-leaf clover, though whether they are true, may be left open.

At this point we should mention that the four-leaved lucky clover (Oxalis tetraphylla, originating in Mexico) which is commercially available, is cultivated of course, but nevertheless very pretty, as we think.

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Lucky Bamboo – a plant for you?

The evergreen lucky bamboo belongs to the dragon tree group of the asparagus family (Asparagaceae) and is also called Dracaena braunii, or Dracaena sanderiana.

With stems spiraling at the top but also as pyramids and in other artful styles, it is definitely an eye-catcher.  For New Year’s Eve, it is a great gift with meaning as a lucky plant and has long been considered a symbol of health, energy, happiness, and success in Asia.

Even more lucky plants out there

There are quite a few other plants that are said to bring luck, protection, energy or wealth, but they are not as well-known as clover or bamboo as lucky charms for the new year.

Azaleas, Myrtle, Mistletoe, Thuja, Ivy, Ilex Peperomia, Money tree, and Cyclamen are only some of them, though worth mentioning.

In any case, if well cared for, plants not only bring happiness, but also provide good air and perhaps some beautiful flowers, the sight of which may make us simply feel good and awaken our joy of life.

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Maybe we have aroused your interest for the plant world of the lucky charms now, and you will give a little piece of nature to your friends for the next turn of the year.

For our part, we not only believe in the power of plants, but know about it and constantly verify it by our research and solutions. Using well selected, precious plants and standardizing the power of nature in feed additives with proven efficacy is key for us - today as tomorrow.

“We are constantly exploring new plant compounds and putting them to work: Unlocking the plant universe for better lives.“

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Stay tuned - the phytogenic universe remains exciting...

 Elisabeth Rohrer

Elisabeth Rohrer

After her study in agriculture sciences at the university of natural resources and life sciences in Vienna, Elisabeth joined the Delacon team in December 2013 as Technical Communications Manager - a position, she always exerted with pleasure. Since 2021, her task areas have been extended and thus, she is also supporting colleagues in writing offside the technical focus as Content Manager. Elisabeth describes herself as a great animal and nature lover and prefers to spend her free time high up in the mountains with her little family, away from the hustle and bustle.

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