A consumer journey from America to Europe: Consumer expectations of the animal protein industry

Berit, Knut, or The Sorum Family - Norway's food industry created several personas for a simple reason. Understanding consumer preferences and behaviors. Something that is to consider in the feed industry as well– isn't it? As the headline reveals, I want to show you consumer mindsets, trends from around the globe.

America: Educational work would increase the demand for sustainable food

Many American consumers are interested in eating healthier and climate-friendly diets. However, numerous people are uncertain about the quality of the products.

A survey reveals, more than half of Americans think the production of beef, pork, dairy, or poultry contributes to global warming at least "a little." Still, only about one in four believe beef contributes "a lot."

A major trend is emerging in the dairy industry. Americans seem to drink less and less cow milk. The result: between 2003 and 2019, dairy farms licensed to sell milk has declined 50 percent to 34,000.

51% of Americans...

...surveyed said they would eat more plant-based foods if they had more information about their food choices' environmental impacts. 

Demographic changes are stirring up the industry in Latin America

Usually, the basis of traditional food and fast food in Latin America is meat. With increased income, people tend to consume more meat. Just as it is globally, consumer preferences also differ among generations in these countries.

Future generations in Chile, for example, are driving various food styles and trends:

  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • Preference for sustainable products and packaging
  • The quick and easy shopping experience, time is valued
  • Social and environmental responsibility of companies, priority for local entrepreneurs
  • The growing choice for healthy food and cooking at home as a social activity

Today, it is still a small market segment that stresses the importance of the industry's practices. Top earners look for animal welfare, for products without antibiotics or hormones.

The majority of Latin Americans...

...is "increasingly looking for ways to save money” and paying more attention to prices, actively looking for sales and promotions, or delaying purchases.

Health, climate change, and animal welfare drive Europe's food market

The EU annual meat consumption is projected to decline by 1.1 kg per capita by 2030. The ongoing animal welfare discussion in Germany and recent scandals in the industry have also contributed to this trend. Eating less meat seems popular, but the reality is more complicated.

In Ireland, for example, Millennials are looking for a healthier lifestyle. For them, it is very important to have a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, on their daily meals. They are unwilling to give up eating meat because they like it and believe meat is part of a balanced diet.

35% of EU citizens...

...are concerned about antibiotics, pesticides, environmental pollutants, and food additives.

Who are Berit and Knut, Thea, and the Sorum Family?

Thea: the young radical vegan activist (self-confident, green expert:
Thea is still going to school, extremely linked to social media, radical minded, Generation Z.

Berit and Knut: the couple living the traditional life.

The Sorum Family: the young, open-minded family into healthy hedonism. 

References upon request.

Want to know more about consumer preferences and buying decisions?

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina Mayrhuber

Katharina loves to learn, discover and tell feed and food stories globally - using Social Media, visual communications and media relations. She is currently not working actively at Delacon.

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