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Raising awareness on the positive impact of eggs on animals, consumers, and the environment

Did you know that hens have already been domesticated as far back as 7500 BC.? Already back in the days - the egg was known as a nutritional powerhouse. Over time, the egg has increasingly become more and more important as a valuable and sustainable protein source to feed the world. Therefore we take the chance to educate people on the positive impact of eggs on animals, consumers, and the environment.


The global population is constantly rising – and so is the demand for high-quality protein. According to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein, egg consumption also increased significantly correlated to the pandemic. With this growing demand, producers seek for safe and sustainable animal production. As reported by the International Egg Commission, the egg business has already made significant gains in the last decades to its environmental sustainability and continues to improve its value chain to produce an environmentally sustainable protein source affordable for all. In this matter, the importance of natural alternatives such as phytogenics is rising as they improve feed conversion, increase laying rate, enhance egg quality, and reduce the carbon footprint. 



The World Egg Day, initiated by the World Egg Commission, was first celebrated in Vienna 1996 to honor the  eggs as a valuable nutritional and low-impact protein source. In 2017 Delacon, jumped on the train and launched the Green Egg Campaign – a project that started to raise awareness on the positive impact of eggs. The Green Egg Campaign started during the government Nutrition Month celebration in the Philippines and was then hosted in Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. This year it was expanded to a global level by hosting the event in Bangladesh and Brazil.


What are the goals of the Green Egg Campaign?


The Green Egg Campaign's primary goals are to increase consumer awareness of eggs as a valuable source of protein, strengthen and support the local egg-laying industry, and increase egg consumption.

Enhance the knowledge for eggs as a precious source of protein in Latin America

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions. In 2019, the per capita consumption per inhabitant was 230 eggs and jumped to 250 in 2020, totaling 4 billion dozen produced last year. This increase in consumption can be directly correlated to the recession triggered by the pandemic. Producers are increasingly seeking to increase animal production safely and sustainably. In order to create consumer awareness of the positive impact of eggs, there is nothing better than to start this work by focusing on children as the consumers of tomorrow.

To this extend, Delacon, in collaboration with the Bethesda Children's Village Social and Educational Center (Centro Social e Educacional Aldeia Infantil Betesda), promoted an afternoon full of educational activities involving this rich food.  More than 1,000 eggs were provided free of charge to the students.  For this day, we had the participation of our Brazilian colleagues, Maria Luiza Ruiz - Regional Technical Manager and Roberto Montanhini Neto - Sales Group Lead Latin America, and also the involvement of food technology specialist, Dr. Maike Maziero, who was invited to talk about the benefits of consuming eggs and the production process, as well as their different structural components.



Bringing egg benefits closer to people in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has usually been a country with low egg consumption. In 2020, according to the Business Standard, the per capita consumption of eggs has crossed the minimum threshold set by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.

To keep this momentum going, it is necessary to promote the goodness of eggs and related aspects.  Layer farms and schools are usually Delacon's project collaborators in the Green Egg Campaign. Due to the Covid-19 restriction in Bangladesh, Delacon collaborated this year with local distributor Arifs. For this occasion, eggs were given to the employees and their families. Furthermore, a special egg curry dish was shared together and awareness about the health benefits of eggs were risen. 



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Corin Rodemund

Corin Rodemund

After her French and Communication studies in Vienna and Montréal, Corin joined Delacons´ Communications and Marketing team in 2019. Besides her passion for communication topics, Corin loves outdoor sports such as hiking, skiing and wake surfing. Since January 2022, Corin started a new career path outside of Delacon.

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